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Little Miracles Aviary

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Welcome to Little Miracles Aviary
Specializing in Breeding and Raising Well Socialized Exotic Parrots

We encourage that you not only research the type of bird you are interested in but also the breeder. Check out our guestbook where owners of our babies have written about their experience with us and their new feathered family member.


Please be patient with us as we are making many changes to the site. Things are happening fast here and we are doing our best to keep the site up to date as best as possible. If something looks a little out of place don't worry we're fixing it. Thank you and please come back and visit again!

At Little Miracles Aviary our goal is to raise well socialized, happy healthy babies who will make excellent pets for loving families. Our number one priority is the health, safety and happiness of our babies.

We are also beginning to concentrate on certain colour mutations of certain species. We would like to help populate less common colours of certain species and perhaps work towards achieving new ones with generations of breeding.

We will never sell our babies unweaned. Many people think that unweaned babies make better pets as they bond better. This is infact a myth. Weaned babies make excellent pets and in most cases take little time to bond to their new families.
We make sure that all of our new families are well educated on the new bird they will be bringing home. It is very important to know what you are getting into before hand. We offer support even after the baby is gone home for as long as it may be needed. The most important thing to us is that our babies and their new families are happy.

If you would like to speak to us about our experience with our birds we have owned birds since 2005 and have been breeding and handfeeding since 2006. Not a long time but we have gained a lot of knowledge and exerience through these last few years of breeding and of being owned by birds. If there is something we can't help you with we would be glad to refer you to someone who could help you better. We know of a lot of good parrot breeders who have decades of experience and some are even avian educators.

Amy and Spike hatched their first two babies Feb 23, and the third Feb 25, 2014.
Tessa and Albus
Are on 4 eggs as of March 12, 2014
Storm and Elsa
Laid their third egg March 16, 2014
Jemma and Casper
Laid their second egg March 14, 2014

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Parrots are not our whole life but they make our life whole