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Little Miracles Aviary

Canadian Parrot Breeders

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Here is a list of some Breeders located in Canada. If you would like us to add you to our list send us an e-mail with your aviary name, location, what you breed and an other information you may wish to add such as e-mail, phone number or website.
 **** Provinces are listed in alphabetical order ****

Ariana's Aviary
Breeders of: Parrotlets, Lovebirds and Cockatiels
RedCliff, AB
Tweet Beginnings
Breeders of: Peachface Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Indian Ringnecks and Alexandrine Parakeets
Dieppe, NB
Fischer Flights Aviary
Breeders of:Large Quality Mutation Fischers (including pieds) 
Flying Colors Aviary
Breeders of: Lovebirds (Peachface, Fisher, Blackmask), Lineolated Parakeets, Conures (sun, Crimson Bellied, Black Capped, Fiery Shouldered, Green Cheek Mutations), Quakers (Green, Blue, Pallid) Senegals, Pionus (Whitecapped, Blue Headed)
South Western Ontario
Heaven's Lil' Darlings
Marianne E Waldman
Breeder of: Blue and Gold Macaws, Parrotlets, Conures: Green Cheek Mutations, Sun,Brown Throated, Rosifron and Dusky
Whitby, ON
Homestead Hatchery
Breeder/ Exhibitor/ Hookbil Judge/ Cockatiel Foundation U.S. Panel Judge
Breeder of: African Greys, Galahs, Cockatiels & Linoleated Parakeets
Niagara on the Lake, ON
Linnieville Aviary
Brian Rowe
Breeder of: Linnies, Parrotlets, Blue Headed Pionus, White Cap Pionus, Senegals, Blue Indian Ringnecks
Aurora, ON
Little Darlings
Breeders of: Quakers (Green, Blue, Aqua, Cinamon Blue, Pallid)Green Cheek Conures, Crimson belly Conures, Rose Crown Conures, Dusky Conures, Painted Conures, Blue Headed Pionus, Maximillion Pionus, White Capped Pionus, Senegals and Alexandrine Parakeets
Mt. Elgin, ON
Darlene Johnson

MarKat Aviary
Breeders of: Lovebirds (Fishers, BlackCheeks, Abbysinians) Linnies, Parrotlets, Green Cheek Conure Mutations, Sun Conures, Senegals, Indian Ringnecks
Kanata, ON

R&S Aviaries
Breeders of: Greencheek Conures (all mutations), Black cap Conures, Vorens Black Cap Conures, Pearly Conures, Jenday Conures, Sun Conures, Dusky Conures & Plumhead Parakeets, Hans Macaws.
London, ON
Boileau's Beautiful Birds
Breeders of: African Greys (Congos & Timnehs). Hans Macaws, Quakers, Regent Parakeets (aka Rock Pebblers), Pionus (WhiteCap, Duskys & Blue Headed), Conures (Finchis, Painted, Peachfronted, Crimson Belly, Fiery Shouldered & Rose Crowned), Spectacled Parrotlets, Linnies & Peachface Lovebirds
Aylmer, QC
Gail Seguin
Kap Aviary
Champion Breeders of Cockatiels, African Grey Parrots
& Rose Breasted Cockatoos
Montreal, QC

Parrots are not our whole life but they make our lives whole