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Little Miracles Aviary

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Babies & Breeder Birds For Sale
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Amy and Spike started hatching babies Feb 23, 2014.
Babies will be available to their new homes end of May 2014 once the babies reach 13 weeks of age. Babies will be either blue or violet. If you wish to put your name on a waiting list please do so as the list is filling up fast. A non-refundable deposit of $250 will be collected starting March 15, 2014 (one week after babies are pulled). Please read our Policies page to learn more about our non refundable deposits.
For picture of these little ones as they grow please visit Amy & Spike's Nursery page.

All of our babies are abundanced weaned onto seeds, pellets, millet, egg, rice and fruits and veggies. All babies come with a 7 day guarantee. All of our babies are healthy, happy and well socialized with adults, children of all ages. We raise our babies in a smoke free environment.


Breeders For Sale
To see their larger pictures visit the Indian Ringnecks breeding pairs page.
We have no breeders for sale at this time. Check in regularily as we sometimes need to sell some breeders to make room as we expand our flock acquisitions.

We currently have the following nest boxes up
Indian Ringnecks
 We have the nest box up on Albus and Tessa who are proven for the previous owner and have yet to settle in enough here to go to nest for us as we have only had them for a few months.

Albus and Tessa laid their first egg March 6, 2014. This is the first time this pair has gone to nest for us and Tessa is getting up there in age so we are cautiously optomistic about this. As of March 12 they are up to four three eggs.


Frost and Elsa laid their third egg as of March 16. We are not expecting anything out of this as they are only two years old and we are blown away that they even went to nest at all.


Jemma laid her second egg March 14, 2014


Layah and Storm have their box up but they are only 2 years old so we are not yet expecting anything from them.


Amy and Spike have their box up for their second and last clutch of 2014



Parrots are not our whole life but they make our life whole