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Indian Ringnecks Pairs

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Indian Ringnecks

We have a few pictures missing of some of our birds at this time.  Keep checking back in we are still growing (well beyond our expectations) so new pictures will be posted as we go!

Below: Cora our beautful Violet Turquoise Cinnamon hen which we have not met yet. She is still with her wonderful breeders waiting to come home to us. We have had our eye on Cora for a long time! She is full sister to out male Merlin who is paired with Skyra. Cora is only about a year old and we will look into importing a male for her.


Below: Tino our Turquoise Indian Ringneck Male who we sold as a pair and due to unfortunate turn of events he came to be back with us 7 weeks later. We are happy to have him back at home with us and already have a female lined up for him!


Below: This is our Clearhead Cleartail pair Elsa and Jack Frost. We are thrilled to have this pair as this mutation is quite new to Canada and there aren't that many around. They are not showing their full colours especially the male as they are still under 2 years old so they do not have their mature colours yet. Once they do the male with have a stunning white head and tail that will beautifully contrast his blue body. We are really excited to get babies from this pair however we can't realistically expect any before 2014/2015.
Need to get updated pic. Jack Frost (Frost) is finishing up a molt and is showing some of his white on his head now.


Below: Merlin and Skyra our Violet Turquoise male and Pallid Blue hen. This is a young pair that we will not be able to have babies from for a couple of years but they are well worth the wait!


* This spot is reserved for Amy and Spike's photo. Once their nestbox is taken away we will get a picture of this pair. Amy is a violet and can be seen in the early pictures of her clutch on her Nursery page and Spike is a visual Blue.

Below: Casper and Jemma. This is an amazing pairing! The offspring potential is great with these two and we look forward to these two getting to know eachother and nesting.


Below: Albus and Tessa are another great acquicisition for our aviary. We got them as a proven pair and they are extremely bonded and in love.


Below: Our Violet hen Layah and male grey CHCT Storm.  They are going through a molt in this picture but I wanted to include it anyway because Storm is starting to show his ring and his white head a bit. Will update the picture when they are done their molt. These two are newly paired together and are young so we do not expect anything from them before 2014.
We will have to get a better picture Storm was finishing a molt in this pic and he has a bit more white an a full black ring now.


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