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Nursery Banana & Rama 2010

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Banana & Rama's January 2010 Clutch

We no longer own Banana and Rama so there will not be anymore of their babies at our aviary.

Look at us grow!!!
Here the babies are still very young (8 days old, 5 days old and 3 days old) but they have grown considerably in the last couple of days especialy the older one he is getting SO BIG!


In this picture the babies are now getting SOOO big I can't get over the size of the oldest. These are the largest parrots I have ever bred so its very different for me to see these guys grow. They are now 23, 20 and 18 days old and have just been pulled out of the nest yesterday. The oldest has a lot of his yellow pin feathers and is really startingto colour up well.


Below is my two year old daughter with the oldest baby, she is obsessed with the babies they are all she ever talks about! She loves playing with them and giving the kisses, these babies will be well socialized with young children that's for sure! I thought this picture really showed how gorgeous this baby looks all feathered in and its tail is getting longer by the day.


Although it is not the best lighting in this picture (need a new camera) you can still see that these little guys with the exception of the runt are growing their pin feathers in quite nicely and are starting to look like hadsome birdies already. I love the look on the oldest's face in this pictureyou can tell he or she knows they are beautiful.


Below is a picture of the babies when they are 37, 34 and 32 days old. You can see that the little runt is catching up and you can actually see he or she is getting lots of pin feathers. The oldest is nearly all feathered out and has already started his fledging stage.