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Nursery Albert & Sky 2010

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Nursery Albert & Sky 2010
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Albert & Sky 's July 2010 Clutch

we no longer have Albert and Sky as well so there will be no more of their babies at our aviary.

Below: This is the second picture I decided to include of themat 23, 24 and 25 days old. You can really see the pin feathers and their handsome little faces. As usual the little guy is being hidden in the back but you can catch a glimpse of his wing through the bigger guys.


Below: Picture number 2 of the babies at 7 weeks old. This one is a little more up close.


Below: The babies are 19, 20 and 21 days old. There is so much change from just 4 days ago in the picture to the left. The oldest two have tons of pin feathers on their wings and they have grown so much. They are even getting some colour on the tops of their heads as you can see in this picture.


Below: This is the oldest baby I thought I would include this picture as this litle one thinks they are so beautiful and you can see it the way it poses for the camera. It also shows the wing feathers better.